One Reason/Defiance, Ohio Split 7″ (and all new website design!)

Defiance, Ohio finished recording seven songs quite a while ago, two of them for a split with One Reason coming out on anti-creative records (the other five for a split on Plan-it-X Records) . The two songs are a new version of “A Song About Promises” from their demo, this time sung by BZ , and one completely new song! They recorded in Bloomington, IN with their friend Greg .

One Reason will be recording their half of the split August 6th and 7th at The Living Room Studio with Chris George . This is the same place their previous CD was recorded at ( All Rivers Run South, All Roads Lead Home , Plan-it-X Records), and it will sound really good.

Also, we have re-designed the entire site. Hopefully it’s more appealing now.