One Reason / Defiance, Ohio Test Pressings Okayed, Release Coming Soon!

Earlier this week, we here at Anti-Creative Records as well as One Reason and Defiance, Ohio okayed the test press of their upcoming split 7″ record. This means sometime late next week (hopefully), my warehouse (ahem, closet) will be filled with vinyl. If all goes well, the album artwork will be completed by that time as well. It shouldn’t take long for the printers to pump out the finished product once they recieve the artwork.

This means we are oh-so-very-close to Anti-Creative‘s very first release. I’m optimistically guessing two weeks.

For those of you who are unaware, this 7″ will be pressed on “Coke-bottle” green, transparent vinyl (very, very hot) at 33RPM. Awesome? Holy shit, you bet.