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NOTE: if you pre-ordered a Operation: Cliff Clavin/The Max Levine Ensemble gsplit, scroll down to the area in red – very important information!

It’s sure been a while.

Sorry for the lack of updates, kids. I’v been busy, and then I was in Bloomington, Indiana for a week catching great shows and hanging out with great people. But now I’m back, and I realize I have some work to do. Here’s the buzz –

I started to realize this week that my One Reason/Defiance, Ohio 7″ stash is dwindling. I’m down to the wire. Only a few left. I will eventually repress, but I don’t know when that will be, so there mightbe a long absence without them. Also, when I repress, it will not be on the awesome looking coke-bottle green transparent vinyl. So if you want a copy of this very awesome looking, soon to be out-of-print indefinitely 7 inch, then I’d hurry up.

Speking of seven inches, the Operation: Cliff Clavin/The Max Levine Ensemble split should be in my mailbox very soon, and consequently, in your mailboxes as well. If you preordered one of these, please email me at to let me know you address (I don’t know what your living arrangements arem and some of you pre-ordered this a very long time in advance, so i want to make sure all my information is current). Even if you still live at the same place, email me anyway. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! email me your name, your address, and remind me if I owe you anythign else besides the Op:CC/tMLE split (did you order a CD too or anything?). If you do not do this and your ordered is delayed (or overlooked entirely), it is your own fault.

Also, I’d like to point out that I am no longer accepting pre-orders for that split. Stop sending them to me, please!

And speaking of splits, the Pretty Hot/Ghost Mice CD is still available and is amazing as hell. Get yours today and hear two of the greatest bands on one solid CD.