[ 1/17/2006 ]

worked a little more on the site today, but more so, i worked on setting up an anti-creative MySpace (yes, i hate MySpace too, we all do, but that doesn’t stop me from making one). It has a few MP3’s up but mostly just information that you can find already on this site. you can find it here if you’d like:


Add me us as your friend. Speaking of MySpace… my friend and yours, Rio de la Muerte now has a MySpace as well where he posts news and such as well as MP3’s, so be sure to check out his MySpace too (by clicking on this link here: http://www.myspace.com/riodelamuerte).

And speaking of MP3’s… I will soon have a website-exclusive Rio de la Muerte MP3 available for y’all to enjoy, a demo version of a song from his upcoming anti-creative release! I lost the MP3 though (because I’m an idiot), so I’m just waiting for Rio to send me it again. Keep a look out for it!

Thanks everyone.