Anti-Creative Spring 2008 Newsletter – Lots of News!

Hi everyone,

Lots of news today!

I recently emailed out the A-CR Spring newsletter and posted it around on some message boards and such. You should really check it out, there’s some big updates in there. Instead of rewriting all of the news individually here, just click below to read the whole newsletter (click the link that says “Read the rest of this entry”)!

inside this newsletter:

NEW RELEASE – imadethismistake “It’s Okay” 10″

REPRESS! – One Reason/Defiance, Ohio split 7″


RIO DE LE MUERTE non-update

Spring 2008!

hello friends,

how are you? i know it’s been a while since we last talked. it’s not you, it’s me. i’m sorry, baby, i’ve just been so busy. i don’t mean to neglect you. listen, this weekend, we’ll get dressed up, and i’ll take you some place nice, just you and me. how does that sound?

i haven’t posted a news update in a long time, because usually because i don’t have any news. but i do have some interesting tidbits now, so it’s time to bring you up to speed.

NEW RELEASE – imadethismistake “It’s Okay” 10″
to be released may 2008

imadethismistake (alternately known to many of you as kylewilliam) is releasing a new album. it’s on 10-inch vinyl. Anti-Creative is assisting him in this endeavor. helping us on this journey is The Cottage Records (k-dub’s label) and Covert Coercion. Each label will be releasing this record with different artwork and different color vinyl. SEXY. imadethismistake is taking a different approach with this release, and if you liked them before, you’ll like their new direction. if you hated them before, i think you’ll still be pleasantly surprised. if you’ve never heard them before, buy this album.

REPRESS! – One Reason/Defiance, Ohio split 7″
to be released april 2008 (possibly may)

hey record collectors (and new one reason or defiance, ohio fans!), this sexy 7-inch is being pressed for a third time, once again with sexy new colors. this pressing will be on CLEAR VINYL (not green like the first press) with silver and black labels. the jacket artwork is to be determined. if you haven’t heard this split, you’re missing out!

this will not affect mail-orders

Anti-Creative accepts credit card orders online through Google Checkout. Like PayPal and other credit card processors, Google Checkout has begun charging its customers (meaning Anti-Creative) per transaction. In order to offset these costs, effective April 1st, all credit card orders for Anti-Creative merch will have gone up slightly (not much at all). this pricing WILL NOT change prices for mail orders when paying with cash or money orders. i like getting mail, and you save some cents, so this is good incentive to send me a letter. for items that are $4 via the mail (7 inches), the new online cost will be $4.29 – for $5 items (CD’s), the online cost will be $5.31 – for $9 items (10 inches, the Captain Chaos double CD special), the new online cost will be $9.39 – as of now, i think that covers all item costs. sorry for any inconvenience or financial hardship the extra thirty to forty cents might have caused Wink All items will continue to be postage-paid (which means you DO NOT have to add any extra for shipping/handling).

come to think of it, isn’t that less than the cost of a stamp to mail-order something? you’re actually saving money online, woooo!

(but send me letters anyway!)

By the way, you have a few days left (until April 1st!) to avoid paying these extra fees!

RIO DE LE MUERTE – “May All Great Things Be Everywhere”
eventually, friends, eventually.

no real news here on the rio de la muere front. the album is still being mastered and will probably be a while before it is released. i believe rio plans to tour this summer. it is possible the album will be released in time for that summer tour, but i can’t make any promises. i’m as anxious as you!

i think that’s it. thanks for paying attention.

CATALOGOne Reason/Defiance, Ohio split 7″ (repress soon!)
Pretty Hot/Ghost Mice split CD
Captain Chaos “The Fool” CD
Captain Chaos “This is Cake” CD (Crafty Records)Coming Soon:
imadethismistake “It’s Okay” 10″
Rio de lat Muerte “May All Great Things Be Everywhere” CDCD’s are generally $5 each, and our 7″ is $4. prices are postage paid.
visit the website, for more info.
p.o. box 1528, upland california 91785