New shipping-charge policy, improved online catalog

We regret to inform you that, for the first time ever, Anti-Creative has increased its prices. Formerly, all prices were postage paid. But in order to catch up with ever-increasing postage rates, ever increasing rates from our credit card processor, and ever increasing cost to simply produce records, all orders (online AND postal) now get charged $1.50 for the first item ordered, 50¢ for each additional item. For international rates, see the order page. Previously online orders were subject to additional processing fees, but these have now been eliminated and you are only paying the shipping rates. Many apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

In better news, we totally redid our online catalog. Those ordering online will now have a much easier time. Instead of buying one item at a time and paying for each item individually, we now have a shopping cart system setup so you can buy multiple things and complete your order all at once. Very nice!