Rio de la Muerte’s Album Release CANCELLED.

This little bit of sad news is actually a little old, however was never officially announced on our site. Although Rio de la Muerte’s long awaited album “May All Great Things Be Everywhere Collection” was finally completed and mastered in early 2010, the album will not be released on Anti-Creative Records, or any other record label.

Rio de la Muerte

Rio de la Muerte

“May All Great Things Be Everywhere Collection”  was an album that was first announced in 2005. It suffered many delays and setbacks. That it was ever even finished after 5 years seems like a miracle, and that it won’t see the light of day, although heartbreaking, seems like a bitter,  fitting end for an album plagued by weird impediments.

This decision was primarily Rio’s, due to personal reasons. However, in a era were small DIY labels are all but obsolete, Anti-Creative didn’t have the means to release this would-be emotional and beautiful album in a way that would do it justice. Therefore the decision is agreed to be one that is unfortunate, but ultimately better for both parties.

I’m not sure how much of Rio’s take on this I’m at liberty to share with the world, but I do want to share some of his thoughts on the issue. Below is an excerpt from an email exchange we shared. Please note that the excerpt is intentionally brief out of respect for Rio’s privacy.

…It’s been so long since I’ve made it and I just don’t feel the same things I did then.   My creative work has changed so much that the Rio de la Muerte project feels pretty dead to me right now.  In fact, I  played the last Rio de la Muerte show for a select group of my friends in Sarasota before leaving Florida.  Now when I perform musically it will be under the name of Riol Vida (as in “real life”).  I’m not really sure what the future of my music is going to be as of right now….

I’d like to point out that there are no hard feelings that led to or arose from this decision. The album is not being canceled due to any conflict or disagreements between Rio and Anti-Creative. We wish him the best, and we’ll keep you informed of anything we hear should Rio decide to work his way back into the music world.