Free Digital Release! Download Iafrate’s Spring 2011 EP


Look, you like punk music. You also like free shit. So here, we’ll give you some free punk music shit. Depending on how this goes, this may be the first in a series of free releases from Anti-Creative Records!

We’re partnering up with the Indianapolis punk band Iafrate (and the website HockeyPunx) to bring you a free digital EP. Iafrate‘s “Summer 2011 EP” is their first album.

If you’re not familiar with the band, but are familiar with other Anti-Creative Records bands, imagine the band imadethismistake has suddenly developed a chip on its shoulder, causing it to become a little more aggressive. What results is Iafrate.

Go download the album for free by entering the download code:
at the following website:

Because you are getting this release absolutely free, why not consider donating a couple bucks to charity in lieu of paying for the songs? The band recommends the charity Child’s Play.