Learn About The Label
Anti-Creative Records is a small independent label, dedicated to do-it-yourself/do-it-together ethics. We are based in Southern-California. Anti-Creative is not a label about making money, but rather helping the bands and the music we love get released and helping our friends out.

 The label is maintained by me, my name is jer. It is run out of my closet.

 Want to Support the Label?
Want to help us out? The best way to help us out is to support our releases and tell your friends! word of mouth is powerful. it’s great to be able to put out new and wonderful music (and keep it really cheap), but the sad truth is that it is hard to keep releasing music if no one is buying it. capitalism sucks, but for now we’re stuck with it. let’s make the most of it before we find the strength to overcome it.

If you would like to link to our website, that’d sure be swell! You can even use this nifty banner…


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 Or make your own or just use a text link.

 Other ways to help out would be to like us on facebookfollow us on twitter, write a review about one of our releases for a zine or a website your involved with, put some of our songs on a mixtape for a friend, or whatever other ways you can imagine up.

 Whatever way you decide to help us out, we sure do appreciate you for it!