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We’ve Lowered Our Shipping Rates, Upgraded Our Online Store

We’ve made it easier for you to buy our shit online in two ways: First, we lowered our shipping prices. Two years or so ago, we started charging a weird tiered shipping rate ($1.50 for first item, 50cents for each additional item). This has been lowered to a flat 10% shipping rate for all US orders (meaning an order of $5 will now cost $5.50 total). For non-US rates, please see our rates chart on our “How to Order

Second, we upgraded our online store to make it easier to browse and add our products to your chart. We’ve also started to distro a few more items. Check out the new online store.

Speaking of our online store, We’ve found a stash of older Saw Wheel (and Ghost Mice!) CD’s in our dungeon. When Hill Billy Stew Records went out of business a while back, we bought up their remaining stock of the original release of the Ghost Mice/Saw Wheel split CD as well as Saw Wheel’s “The Next Train CD.” You can get them both for cheap through us (and you can pick up Saw Wheel’s white-vinyl 7″ that we released as well!). Keep in mind this is the original, classic Ghost Mice/Saw Wheel split CD we’re selling, before they re-recorded the songs and re-released the split on No Idea Records. This is the more rare version.

Who’s excited for PIX Fest?


InterPunk.com Now Stocking Anti-Creative

InterPunk.com now sells Anti-Creative releases. Right now the Pretty Hot/Ghost MiceSplit CD is available through them, and once the One Reason/Defiance, Ohio 7″ is back in stock , they’ll be selling those as well [edit: the repress is now available through interpunk here]. Neat (even though they charge a bit too much for shipping).