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We Closed Our Upland, CA PO Box

For the past 10 years, Anti-Creative has been accepting mail orders via an Upland, CA PO Box. But over the past three years or so, we’ve probably recieved less than half a dozen orders by mail. Everyone one is ordering digitally now (for obvious reasons), and not only is that easier for you folks, but it’s also easy for us to process.

With no one using the PO Box any longer, we had no reason to keep it open. Please do not try snail-mailing us any longer, as we’re not sure how accurate the USPS’s mail forwrading system will be, and it’s only temporary.

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Hey guys, putting other people’s music up on YouTube without permission is kind of crummy, and putting other people’s music up on YouTube and then plastering ads all over it so that you can make money off their work is really crummy.

Ask us first, you’ll probably get a positive response.

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Saw Wheel Record Photos

On his blog, RJ posted some pictures of the recently released Saw Wheel album. Check out the pictures below, and then head on over to our catalog to get a copy for yourself!

Random Wackiness


It’s that time of year again!

The Fest 7 is happening Oct 31-Nov 2 in Gainesville, Florida!  http://www.thefestfl.com will tell you all about it. Roughly a bajillion bands will be going.

Here’s a schedule for The Fest that I made because I’m awesome.


Random Wackiness

OMG Punx.

To prove how punk rock I am and how awesome Anti-Creative Records is, I got our logo tattooed on my leg.

Jer's Tattoo