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Free Streaming, Pay-What-You-Want Digital Downloads

We here are big fans of physical media, which is why we’ve put a lot of emphasis on vinyl.

But the world left us behind over a decade ago, so we’re finally catching up. Over the weekend, we put the entire Anti-Creative Records catalog up on Bandcamp, where you can stream it all for free. If you’d rather not stream, you can download any of the albums for whatever price you feel is appropriate.

In the past, the individual bands had all of their music available digitally in various spaces, but we’ve centralized it. We’ll be playing with other digital avenues for our releases in the near future.

Click here to go to our Bandcamp page.

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Buy Yourself an Iafrate Shirt

Our friends Iafrate, who we helped distribute a free album for a couple months ago, are selling some classy looking shirts. If you like Iafrate, or the Washington Capitals, or bands that blatantly infringe NHL copyright to produce their own logo, you should definitely get one of these

Iafrate tshirt

The black shirts are $8 (plus shipping), white shirts have two-color ink and so cost a little more at $12 (plus shipping). Shipping will vary based on your location, but should be about $2 domestic. If you’re interested, contact Iafrate frontman Peter Evans by email at ninety7poundwuss [AT], or on twitter @Real_PeterEvans

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We’ve Lowered Our Shipping Rates, Upgraded Our Online Store

We’ve made it easier for you to buy our shit online in two ways: First, we lowered our shipping prices. Two years or so ago, we started charging a weird tiered shipping rate ($1.50 for first item, 50cents for each additional item). This has been lowered to a flat 10% shipping rate for all US orders (meaning an order of $5 will now cost $5.50 total). For non-US rates, please see our rates chart on our “How to Order

Second, we upgraded our online store to make it easier to browse and add our products to your chart. We’ve also started to distro a few more items. Check out the new online store.

Speaking of our online store, We’ve found a stash of older Saw Wheel (and Ghost Mice!) CD’s in our dungeon. When Hill Billy Stew Records went out of business a while back, we bought up their remaining stock of the original release of the Ghost Mice/Saw Wheel split CD as well as Saw Wheel’s “The Next Train CD.” You can get them both for cheap through us (and you can pick up Saw Wheel’s white-vinyl 7″ that we released as well!). Keep in mind this is the original, classic Ghost Mice/Saw Wheel split CD we’re selling, before they re-recorded the songs and re-released the split on No Idea Records. This is the more rare version.

Who’s excited for PIX Fest?

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Free Digital Release! Download Iafrate’s Spring 2011 EP


Look, you like punk music. You also like free shit. So here, we’ll give you some free punk music shit. Depending on how this goes, this may be the first in a series of free releases from Anti-Creative Records!

We’re partnering up with the Indianapolis punk band Iafrate (and the website HockeyPunx) to bring you a free digital EP. Iafrate‘s “Summer 2011 EP” is their first album.

If you’re not familiar with the band, but are familiar with other Anti-Creative Records bands, imagine the band imadethismistake has suddenly developed a chip on its shoulder, causing it to become a little more aggressive. What results is Iafrate.

Go download the album for free by entering the download code:
at the following website:

Because you are getting this release absolutely free, why not consider donating a couple bucks to charity in lieu of paying for the songs? The band recommends the charity Child’s Play.

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Saw Wheel Record Photos

On his blog, RJ posted some pictures of the recently released Saw Wheel album. Check out the pictures below, and then head on over to our catalog to get a copy for yourself!

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SAW WHEEL Seven Inch Now Available!

The 7″ announced previously is finally available! Saw Wheel (RJ — fromerly from One Reason — and friends) has been described as honest and sad but hopeful, country-influenced, punk rock with raspy vocals. Previously, the band has released records, CDs, and demos on No Idea Records, Plan-It-X Records, among others. This is their first “electric” record. This is a joint release from Anti-Creative Records and Covert Coercion Records!

view our catalog now to buy it (you can also buy it from Covert Coercion).


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New 7″ record from Saw Wheel coming soon!

Anti-Creative is very excited to be releasing a new 7-inch from Saw Wheel. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Saw Wheel, who you might have heard on a split album with Ghost Mice years back, or numerous full lengths and other projects since then. With the help of our good friends Cover Coercion Records, Anti-Creative will be putting Saw Wheel on wax, and for the very first time  Saw Wheel will be blasting electric! We’ll have this out as soon as possible, and definitely in time for THE FEST 8. Saw Wheel is all set and ready to record, we’ll keep you up to date.

For more Anti-Creative news, check out our Summer 2009 newsletter posted on the Plan-It-X message board (and other places).

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New shipping-charge policy, improved online catalog

We regret to inform you that, for the first time ever, Anti-Creative has increased its prices. Formerly, all prices were postage paid. But in order to catch up with ever-increasing postage rates, ever increasing rates from our credit card processor, and ever increasing cost to simply produce records, all orders (online AND postal) now get charged $1.50 for the first item ordered, 50¢ for each additional item. For international rates, see the order page. Previously online orders were subject to additional processing fees, but these have now been eliminated and you are only paying the shipping rates. Many apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

In better news, we totally redid our online catalog. Those ordering online will now have a much easier time. Instead of buying one item at a time and paying for each item individually, we now have a shopping cart system setup so you can buy multiple things and complete your order all at once. Very nice!

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imadethismistake 12″ are headed your way

Hi everyone!

If you pre-ordered The imadethismistake 12″ you can expect to see it soon in your mailbox. If you haven’t ordered it, now’s a good time because they are in stock for you.


Shit For Sale, The Future!

imadethismistake 12″ Now Available for Pre-Order

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to some pricing issues, this release is now being pressed as a 12″… NOT a 10″ like previously stated. Also, it is now on mixed color vinyl, not black! Yaaaaaay!


It's Okay

imadethismistake’s “It’s Okay” on 12″ color-vinyl is now available to preorder. Buy it now, have it in May. Avoid the rush. This shit is gold. $9 postage paid. comes with a unique code which allows you to download high quality audio, art, and liner notes so you may burn it to a cd or put it on your mp3 player.


buy this album together with the repress of the One Reason/Defiance, Ohio split 7″ and save $2.00 ($11ppd total)! This deal will most likely expire once preordering is over. YOU WILL RECEIVE BOTH ALBUMS TOGETHER IN MAY once the 12″ is out.


click here to go to the catalog!