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No More Google Checkout

Last week, Google Checkout was discontinued. Unfortunately, this was our primary payment processor, which we used as an alternative to PayPal (which isn’t the best company to deal with).

We’ve switched out entire catalog over to a site called StoreEnvy. The site is an easy one to use to buy our stuff from, but since StoreEnvy uses PayPal, it means we’re all back to dealing with PayPal for online orders. Bummer.

Anyway, you can still easily buy from us online. Hurray!

Click here to go to our online store.

Site Maintenance

[ 1/17/2006 ]

worked a little more on the site today, but more so, i worked on setting up an anti-creative MySpace (yes, i hate MySpace too, we all do, but that doesn’t stop me from making one). It has a few MP3’s up but mostly just information that you can find already on this site. you can find it here if you’d like: 

Add me us as your friend. Speaking of MySpace… my friend and yours, Rio de la Muerte now has a MySpace as well where he posts news and such as well as MP3’s, so be sure to check out his MySpace too (by clicking on this link here:

And speaking of MP3’s… I will soon have a website-exclusive Rio de la Muerte MP3 available for y’all to enjoy, a demo version of a song from his upcoming anti-creative release! I lost the MP3 though (because I’m an idiot), so I’m just waiting for Rio to send me it again. Keep a look out for it!

Thanks everyone.

Site Maintenance

Site News

I worked a little on some minor updates to the site. I have also been working on getting the One Reason/Defiance, Ohio 7″ repressed, as I am almost completely out. I haven’t talked to Rio de la Muerte in a while, but I trust he’s hard at work on his enhanced CD, which I hope will be out soon.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I updated this site, i will work in getting the news updated and such, I’ve been busy. Me and Rio de la Muerte are very excited about his upcoming release. You should be, too. In the mean time, check out this review of his self-released CDR (complete with a few MP3 tracks! nice!): (click “music” at the top, then Rio de la Muerte).

Also, check out my friend’s excellent record label (from san francisco) here: They are good people.


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February 22, 2005

yes, i redesigned the site a little. but that’s not what yuo want to read about. what you want to read about is our record releases. So I’ll tell you…

Pretty Hot/Ghost Mice Split CD
the much anticipated, much delayed, split CD has been, well, delayed again. we should see this release some time in april. Ghost Mice recorded their songs already, including a cover of Fifteen‘s “Petroleum Distillation.” awesome? you bet. Pretty Hot will be working on their recording in March.

Operation: Cliff Clavin/The Max Levine Ensemble Split 7″
this record is actually a Plan-it-X. release, but a bunch of different people and labels contributed and made it a joint release. we helped out too, so we will have a few copies to sell on our end. this record will be out April 1st!

One Reason/Defiance, Ohio Split 7″
this record has been out for a few months now, and it’s just terrific. two new songs by each band on coke bottle green clear vinyl. this just might be the sexiest looking record in your collection. No Idea Records has picked up this record in their distro catalog, so if you don’t want to get them from me, get them from No Idea. a few copies of these were sent to different zines for review (slug and lettuce, punk planet, heartattack, razorcake, amp magazine, maximum rocknroll), so please do me a favor, and if you buy these zines please snip out the review if you come across it and mail it to me.

Band News, Site Maintenance, The Future!

One Reason/Defiance, Ohio Split 7″ (and all new website design!)

Defiance, Ohio finished recording seven songs quite a while ago, two of them for a split with One Reason coming out on anti-creative records (the other five for a split on Plan-it-X Records) . The two songs are a new version of “A Song About Promises” from their demo, this time sung by BZ , and one completely new song! They recorded in Bloomington, IN with their friend Greg .

One Reason will be recording their half of the split August 6th and 7th at The Living Room Studio with Chris George . This is the same place their previous CD was recorded at ( All Rivers Run South, All Roads Lead Home , Plan-it-X Records), and it will sound really good.

Also, we have re-designed the entire site. Hopefully it’s more appealing now.

Site Maintenance, The Future!

[ 05.06.2004 ]

We made a few changes to the website (slightly different design, all links now working).

We’re still talking to Ghost Mice and Defiance, Ohio about a split on Anti-Creative. Here’s what we know so far…

If D,OH agree to do it, it will be a split 7″ colored vinyl (sexy!). We’re trying to convince each band to cover at least one of the other band’s songs as part of the release. We don’t know how many songs will be on the record (Ghost Mice say they’ll do 4-5 songs, but don’t ask me how they plan on fitting that on one side of a 7″). Ghost Mice have agreed 100% to releasing with us. If D,OH decides not to, expect a split with Ghost Mice and someone else (Chris from Ghost Mice suggests possibly Japanther)!