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Free Streaming, Pay-What-You-Want Digital Downloads

We here are big fans of physical media, which is why we’ve put a lot of emphasis on vinyl.

But the world left us behind over a decade ago, so we’re finally catching up. Over the weekend, we put the entire Anti-Creative Records catalog up on Bandcamp, where you can stream it all for free. If you’d rather not stream, you can download any of the albums for whatever price you feel is appropriate.

In the past, the individual bands had all of their music available digitally in various spaces, but we’ve centralized it. We’ll be playing with other digital avenues for our releases in the near future.

Click here to go to our Bandcamp page.

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Rio de la Muerte’s Album Release CANCELLED.

This little bit of sad news is actually a little old, however was never officially announced on our site. Although Rio de la Muerte’s long awaited album “May All Great Things Be Everywhere Collection” was finally completed and mastered in early 2010, the album will not be released on Anti-Creative Records, or any other record label.

Rio de la Muerte

Rio de la Muerte

“May All Great Things Be Everywhere Collection”  was an album that was first announced in 2005. It suffered many delays and setbacks. That it was ever even finished after 5 years seems like a miracle, and that it won’t see the light of day, although heartbreaking, seems like a bitter,  fitting end for an album plagued by weird impediments.

This decision was primarily Rio’s, due to personal reasons. However, in a era were small DIY labels are all but obsolete, Anti-Creative didn’t have the means to release this would-be emotional and beautiful album in a way that would do it justice. Therefore the decision is agreed to be one that is unfortunate, but ultimately better for both parties.

I’m not sure how much of Rio’s take on this I’m at liberty to share with the world, but I do want to share some of his thoughts on the issue. Below is an excerpt from an email exchange we shared. Please note that the excerpt is intentionally brief out of respect for Rio’s privacy.

…It’s been so long since I’ve made it and I just don’t feel the same things I did then.   My creative work has changed so much that the Rio de la Muerte project feels pretty dead to me right now.  In fact, I  played the last Rio de la Muerte show for a select group of my friends in Sarasota before leaving Florida.  Now when I perform musically it will be under the name of Riol Vida (as in “real life”).  I’m not really sure what the future of my music is going to be as of right now….

I’d like to point out that there are no hard feelings that led to or arose from this decision. The album is not being canceled due to any conflict or disagreements between Rio and Anti-Creative. We wish him the best, and we’ll keep you informed of anything we hear should Rio decide to work his way back into the music world.

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New 7″ record from Saw Wheel coming soon!

Anti-Creative is very excited to be releasing a new 7-inch from Saw Wheel. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Saw Wheel, who you might have heard on a split album with Ghost Mice years back, or numerous full lengths and other projects since then. With the help of our good friends Cover Coercion Records, Anti-Creative will be putting Saw Wheel on wax, and for the very first time  Saw Wheel will be blasting electric! We’ll have this out as soon as possible, and definitely in time for THE FEST 8. Saw Wheel is all set and ready to record, we’ll keep you up to date.

For more Anti-Creative news, check out our Summer 2009 newsletter posted on the Plan-It-X message board (and other places).

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Rio de la Muerte Rumors Are True

Shortly after I made the previous post here in late August, Rio contacted to let me know that the CD is in fact finished. We’re now going over packaging options and such, and Rio is working on the artwork for the inserts and CD.

We’re getting close to actually seeing the long waited-for release!

The Future!

Rio de la Muerte CD Mastering Finished?

Rumors are afoot on the Plan-It-X message board that Rio has finished up his CD (which means we should be seeing it released soon).

No word yet from Rio on whether or not this is true.

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imadethismistake 12″ Now Available for Pre-Order

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to some pricing issues, this release is now being pressed as a 12″… NOT a 10″ like previously stated. Also, it is now on mixed color vinyl, not black! Yaaaaaay!


It's Okay

imadethismistake’s “It’s Okay” on 12″ color-vinyl is now available to preorder. Buy it now, have it in May. Avoid the rush. This shit is gold. $9 postage paid. comes with a unique code which allows you to download high quality audio, art, and liner notes so you may burn it to a cd or put it on your mp3 player.


buy this album together with the repress of the One Reason/Defiance, Ohio split 7″ and save $2.00 ($11ppd total)! This deal will most likely expire once preordering is over. YOU WILL RECEIVE BOTH ALBUMS TOGETHER IN MAY once the 12″ is out.


click here to go to the catalog!

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Anti-Creative Spring 2008 Newsletter – Lots of News!

Hi everyone,

Lots of news today!

I recently emailed out the A-CR Spring newsletter and posted it around on some message boards and such. You should really check it out, there’s some big updates in there. Instead of rewriting all of the news individually here, just click below to read the whole newsletter (click the link that says “Read the rest of this entry”)!

inside this newsletter:

NEW RELEASE – imadethismistake “It’s Okay” 10″

REPRESS! – One Reason/Defiance, Ohio split 7″


RIO DE LE MUERTE non-update


The Future!

Rio de la Muerte Update

I hope winter is treating you well. For years now (literally), we’ve been waiting for Rio de la Muerte’s full length CD. Sorry, the wait continues. However, here’s some news from Rio’s blog from last month.

<3 jer

PS – you should have been at the fest. I fell in love (literally). She is the girl of my dreams.

Hello all. Rio here, just chillin’ with the sun in beautiful Miami Beach. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been busy doing my thing.

Yeah I know, it’s been a while and you may be wondering when the new album’s coming out and when I’ll be playing more shows. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been going to school. Can you guess my major? Anyway, I’m currently writing my graduation thesis with a working title of “Castanedian Themes of Power and the Future of Toltec Magic Work.” It’s been taking up a lot of time. My part of the recording process is over, I’m just waiting for the extremely busy and talented Chad Matheny (of Emperor X fame) to finish mastering it. It’s been a while (the damn thing took me two years to record) and it might be another while as Chad doesn’t rush shit, and niether would I want him to. I assure you, the product will be quality.
[. . .]

Well, I’ll be graduating in a couple months and then I assure you, it’s on! Look forward to a large summer tour and multiple releases in quick succesion! Until then:

“May All Great Things Be Everywhere!”

Rio de la Muerte

The Future!

Captain Chaos to Release 5th CD on Anti-Creative!

Wow, it’s been quite some time since the last ACR update. Sorry about that. I just wanted to let everyone know that all is well and we are still alive and kicking here at Anti-Creative. We still have plenty of One Reason/Defiance, Ohio split 7inches and Pretty Hot/Ghost Mice split CDs in stock. The rumor I’ve heard about Rio de la Muerte‘s new album is that it’s almost done, minus a few tracks.

The big news I have today, as you probably noticed by the title of this news post, is that ACR has a new release planned. We will be putting out an all new CD by Captain Chaos (Chris from Ghost Mice, Operation: Cliff Clavin, The Devil is Electric, etc doing his own solo thing). I am very excited about this release! It will be out by April 1st, this year (honest!).

are you excited? i am.

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Site News.

NOTE: if you pre-ordered a Operation: Cliff Clavin/The Max Levine Ensemble gsplit, scroll down to the area in red – very important information!

It’s sure been a while.

Sorry for the lack of updates, kids. I’v been busy, and then I was in Bloomington, Indiana for a week catching great shows and hanging out with great people. But now I’m back, and I realize I have some work to do. Here’s the buzz –

I started to realize this week that my One Reason/Defiance, Ohio 7″ stash is dwindling. I’m down to the wire. Only a few left. I will eventually repress, but I don’t know when that will be, so there mightbe a long absence without them. Also, when I repress, it will not be on the awesome looking coke-bottle green transparent vinyl. So if you want a copy of this very awesome looking, soon to be out-of-print indefinitely 7 inch, then I’d hurry up.

Speking of seven inches, the Operation: Cliff Clavin/The Max Levine Ensemble split should be in my mailbox very soon, and consequently, in your mailboxes as well. If you preordered one of these, please email me at to let me know you address (I don’t know what your living arrangements arem and some of you pre-ordered this a very long time in advance, so i want to make sure all my information is current). Even if you still live at the same place, email me anyway. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! email me your name, your address, and remind me if I owe you anythign else besides the Op:CC/tMLE split (did you order a CD too or anything?). If you do not do this and your ordered is delayed (or overlooked entirely), it is your own fault.

Also, I’d like to point out that I am no longer accepting pre-orders for that split. Stop sending them to me, please!

And speaking of splits, the Pretty Hot/Ghost Mice CD is still available and is amazing as hell. Get yours today and hear two of the greatest bands on one solid CD.