Site Maintenance, The Future!

[ 05.06.2004 ]

We made a few changes to the website (slightly different design, all links now working).

We’re still talking to Ghost Mice and Defiance, Ohio about a split on Anti-Creative. Here’s what we know so far…

If D,OH agree to do it, it will be a split 7″ colored vinyl (sexy!). We’re trying to convince each band to cover at least one of the other band’s songs as part of the release. We don’t know how many songs will be on the record (Ghost Mice say they’ll do 4-5 songs, but don’t ask me how they plan on fitting that on one side of a 7″). Ghost Mice have agreed 100% to releasing with us. If D,OH decides not to, expect a split with Ghost Mice and someone else (Chris from Ghost Mice suggests possibly Japanther)!

The Future!

[ 04.10.2004 ]

HOLY SHIT! Jer is currently discussing plans with (one of his all-time favorite bands) Ghost Mice from Indiana about possibly releasing a split with Defiance, Ohio (who is Jer’s current favorite band – this is his dream come true)! Ghost Mice is all up for it, and we’re awaiting further corespondence from D,OH. Keep on the look out, as this will be a hot release if we pull it off!